A Productive Team = Profit For Your Business

February 2, 2018


As a business owner you put your faith in the fact that your work force will be productive without you having to micro manage them. However, what if you have an unproductive team, with unhappy employees and bad management? This will result in less profit for your business!

It is becoming more apparent that Business owners need to spend time observing how their Management team operates on a more regular basis. Meetings in the board room is not the answer.  All you will hear is what you want to hear, but is that really what is going on?

Often problems with Managers can be brought about because an excellent productive employee is promoted to a management position without being given any management training. A fantastic employee does not necessarily make a fantastic manager.  It is important as a business owner to support your management team as much as possible. Give them the training that is required to support the team that they will be managing which will bring the profit for the company that you are seeking.

Is your Management team spending enough time meeting with their employees to find out what they want from their job?  What are their motivations and drivers?  Provide the employee with achievable targets or goals to reach! Too many times when I have asked the question; What's the reason for an employee leaving their position? The answers are “My manager” or” The job was not challenging enough”.

Take the time to find out why an employee is no longer interested or motivated by their current job? It could be as simple as offering them a new challenge, some more responsibility and giving them the opportunity to shine? Praise your employee when they have completed a tough task or accomplished a goal. It will cost you nothing but means everything to them!

At Delectus Solutions we are happy to assist you with advice and recruitment of your new team.  We have the knowledge and capabilities to recruit at all levels.

Beverley has over 20 years in the recruitment industry and thoroughly enjoys consulting and delivering superior customer service to her clients. Her current clients know that when a brief for a new position is presented, there is no resume flicking and corner cutting, but a premium service with complete honesty. Only good quality candidates are presented.

This premium service must all come for a premium price?  Not at all, our affordable flat fee recruitment price is $3995 + GST.  You will still receive the full recruitment process of advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checks for the budget recruitment fee as well as receiving a 4-month guarantee. Cheap recruitment but not a cheap service, just affordable recruitment with quality all the way.