Birth of Delectus Solutions

October 13, 2017

Searching for the ideal name! One that stood out amongst the crowd!  Something just a little different, like what we offer and so Delectus Solutions was born.

Did you know that Delectus actually means recruitment in Latin?

What is it that is different about Delectus Solutions apart from priding itself on delivering superior customer service? Isn't that what everyone says? Delectus offers the full recruitment process, a longer guarantee period at an affordable, budget, low cost price.

Director Beverley runs the fantastic boutique recruitment agency and with over 20 years recruiting experience so its suffice to say, she knows her stuff.

Having started her career in 1995 with the Royal Bank of Scotland back in the UK, in which delivering customer service “with a smile” and the “customer is always right” wasn’t given a second thought, Beverley successfully was promoted several times over a seven-year tenure.

From the first day of Delectus commencing, Beverley has run the agency with compassion, integrity: caring about the end result and all with a personal touch.

Beverley’s leadership is also a testament to the success of Delectus Solutions, with genuine reliability and authentic tailoring to her clients and candidate’s needs, Beverley also encourages innovation to exceed the expectations of both clients and candidates needs.

Having recruited roles from data entry, customer service through to assistant accountants, sales consultants and managers within many different industries, it is safe to say that Beverley and the team at Delectus can recruit across a broad spectrum with confidence.

Beverley is an extremely passionate and very driven individual who has been recognised by all her clients and candidates on how she always goes the extra mile to assist and make the recruiting experience thorough and personable.

Beverley and her team have skilfully created an affordable, comprehensive recruitment process which is specially designed to find the right candidate for the position required. Delectus Solutions affordable strategy appeals to both corporate clients and smaller businesses, searching for the candidate who will not only become an employee but will become an asset to your business.

For that rare personable recruiting experience, look no further that Delectus Solutions.